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I have been raising and showing catsarrow-10x10.png


for many yearsarrow-10x10.png and selectively breedarrow-10x10.png 

Britisharrow-10x10.png Shorthairs and Scottish Folds in both


Longhair and Shorthair. 


I am a registered  breeder with Governing 

Councilarrow-10x10.png of Victoriaarrow-10x10.png and   trying to 

improvearrow-10x10.png the  typearrow-10x10.pnghaving  greatarrow-10x10.png temperamant 

is  my main  objective  in my breeding  of the 

feline  family. I have kittens  availablearrow-10x10.png for 

both pet and  show  homes   during  the year